Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Whole30- Day 5

Day 5!
1/6 of the way there, folks!

Breakfast this morning was coffee with coconut cream and green eggs and bacon. I wanted to add veggies to breakfast but really had to choke these down. Kale chips are one thing, sauteed kale is another kind of beast.
My nephews' joint birthday party is today, and once again I've been recruited to make cupcakes. Temptation at its finest. I survived the baking, but can I resist temptation at the party? (I predict that I can.)

I made myself a sweet potato hash brown for lunch which was so delicious I almost cried. Not really, but it was delicious. I predict that I will make those at some point most days of the week. They'd be perfect topped with a fried egg for breakfast. It was perfect for lunch with chicken and green beans. It will make a perfect bed for meat and veggies at dinner. I.love.the.sweet.potato.hash.brown.

I had some almonds and baby oranges (clementines, to you) before the birthday party and told myself to bring food with me. I forgot. So we got to the pool and swam for a bit and then it was pizza time. Pizza and cupcakes, to be exact. I simply didn't eat so by the time we left I was hungry. Not ravenous, (is this a good sign that my blood sugar is holding steady throughout the day?) but definitely hungry. It was almost 8:00 after all. So I warmed up another bowl of soup, added chicken and was...very unsatisfied. I really wanted a burger. A big, fat, double cheeseburger, to be exact. Instead I thought maybe a little something sweet would satisfy. And oh, I was right.

Banana Split with Coconut Cream

1 banana
1/4 cup coconut cream
sprinkle of cinnamon
handful of dry roasted almonds

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  1. This is so interesting to read. I'm saving all of these recipes. I wish there were a Chipotle nearby. :(