Monday, June 17, 2013

Whole30- Day 4

Keri's Coconut Cream was a success for two reasons- it added a bit of sweetness and creaminess to my coffee, and, perhaps even better, my kids didn't like it so they didn't drink the majority of MY COFFEE. Thanks, Ker! I scrambled some eggs for myself and my daughter, and was already scheming what I'd make for lunch with all my goodies from the store.
More than anything else (well, besides cheese), I miss crunch. I miss toast with my eggs and a plate of nachos for lunch (mmm...nachos...). Besides almonds and cashews, I'm not getting much crunch these days. Enter, the lettuce wrap.
I'm trying to work out the acronym here, but it was a "California" (isn't that what you call anything when you add avocado? Who decided that?) B.L.T. with Chicken. (B.L.A.C.T.??) Call it what you like, it was delicious. Leftover chicken is a God-send. 

I grabbed almonds and an apple for the car ride to church and wasn't even remotely hungry until dinner, around 7:15. I made the exception for Jesus and feasted on the bread and wine during communion. After church, we went out with some friends to a taco place and I got a salad with steak. It came with chips crushed on top but I managed not to eat more than one more two (that snuck in, totally snuck in). From there, we headed to our pastor's house for a goodbye party for friends and I drank lots of water and bypassed the food.

I have lots of people asking me about this whole gig and I don't really have any complaints. It hasn't been too hard and I'm wondering if that means the hard days are ahead of me or if I'm just a rock-star. Probably the latter. (Pride goes before the fall...)
Day 4, done!

Keri's Coconut Cream

1 egg
2 tbs coconut oil, melted (or, in June in Oklahoma, at room temperature)
1 can full-fat coconut milk

In a blender, whip the egg until frothy. With blender running, slowly add the coconut oil (through the lid) and blend well. Turn off the blender, add the coconut milk and blend well. Pour into a jar and refrigerate overnight. In the morning, you'll have thickened, delicious coconut "whipped cream"! Keri suggested blending the coffee and cream together in the blender, but I just stirred it together well and then added my ice.

I can imagine that this coconut cream will be delicious on top of a bowl of strawberries, but for now I'm dreaming of dipping graham crackers in it. Only dreaming, of course. 

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