Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Whole30- Day 6

If you're not quite bored with reading about what I'm eating everyday, then by all means, keep reading! If you just want some new recipes for goodness sake, come back in 23 days.

I went to bed late (for me), around 11:15 so I was surprised to find myself awake and raring to go at 5:30. But I popped right out of bed, got some work done on our church's new website (coming soon!!!!) and then made breakfast.

Breakfast- fried eggs in a combination of olive oil and coconut oil. I went very light on the coconut oil and was pleased with the results.
It was family zoo day so I was curious to see how my new eating habits (and the early wake up call) would affect my energy level while pushing kids up and down some of the largest hills in Oklahoma (I joke) in 85 degree weather. I brought cheese sticks for them and almonds and baby oranges for me.

Fun fact- eating healthfully for 6 days is not enough to make 10+ years of exercise-free life go away.

We went to Chipotle for lunch, which is a far better choice than the usual McDonald's we eat after a zoo trip. They just "happened" to build a McDonald's right by the zoo exit, before you get on the highway. I went with the carnitas salad again but made the mistake of getting hot salsa instead of medium.

Fun fact- their hot salsa is hot.

When we got home, I may have fallen asleep in my living room floor. That may have happened. So maybe we'll try a zoo day again on Day 24 or something and I'll see if I fare any better. When I woke up I did enjoy another banana split. Those are a winner.

I was really looking forward to spaghetti for dinner. I was looking forward to this dinner when I was longing for a cheeseburger the other night. So I was beyond disappointed when I undercooked and under-seasoned my veggies and didn't have my usual spices or herbs on-hand for the sauce. Nothing had flavor. But it was filling. So there's that.

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  1. Last night was Steak-a-la-chicana (crockpot-ed all day) over cauliflower rice. Breakfast-fried eggs in ghee butter.
    Go Keely!