Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Things I don't do

I've tried to pare down my blog reading in the past few months. I try to only read blogs that inspire me, encourage me, etc. Hayley's blog is one of those. Her October series became the catalyst for an ebook that will literally change your closet, ladies. (I know it has mine!)

Her post today was refreshing and honest; my favorite combination both in people and in the blogosphere. It inspired me to share some things that I don't do, as a mom, a wife, a keeper of the home, etc.

I don't...
*present my kids with vegetables at every meal. Sometimes I push it, and try and make them eat something green or orange or red, but mostly...I don't.

*sweep my kitchen floor every day. Once A starts finding crumbs and things under the table which are literally unrecognizable, I'll finally whip out the broom.

*have a grocery budget, or really a budget of any kind. I pay our bills, I buy our food, I pray we last until the next pay period.
*say no to my kids having snacks throughout the day. Unless it's like 10 minutes before a meal, if they want something, I usually let them eat.

*clean up the crumbs after the boys have eaten on the couch. I wipe them into the floor and vacuum it at a later day (usually much later, when I know I have company coming). Alternatively, I pick up crumbs and throw them into the fireplace, instead of the trash can.

*ever seem to plan for lunches when I'm meal planning. My husband and I eat so many "breakfast burritos" for lunch because I just never plan ahead and am always stumped. If we don't have leftovers (and we very rarely do), we're just lost.
*say "no" to dessert, ever. For myself, anyway.
*buy organic anything. Not even the "dirty dozen."

So there's a bit of a honesty from one domestic goddess to another. (Not that anyone thought I had it all together, anyway...)


  1. I am right there with you on every last thing on this list! Even down to the breakfast burritos, which is always our default meal. I do have a general ballpark on the "budget," but it's more of a "don't spend more than $xyz per week" kind of thing. No envelopes for every last thing we spend money on. Sorry, Dave Ramsey :)

  2. I found your blog through The Tiny Twig :) Thanks for your honesty too! I also only vacuum when we're having company!

  3. we have so much in common!!!! except for the telling my kids no to snacks, which is because they don't view anything that's healthy as a snack (healthy foods are a chore to eat). our rule is that if you don't eat all, or at least most-of, your breakfast/lunch, then you don't get a snack. my logic being that i pretty much always give them things that they like for lunch and they have no excuse not to eat them. but seriously, everything else i do pretty much like you. i'm so glad someone else has a ridiculous amount of crumbs...er, whole pieces of food...under her kitchen table. sometimes i seriously wonder when i became such a slob. i know precisely when, though -- january 2007. thanks for posting this! :)

  4. I love these kinds of posts. Ahhh...I feel right at home.

  5. Ahhhh........a real person. My favorite kind.

  6. Yes! Why is it so hard to plan for lunch? I don't either, and have no motivation to reform.

  7. found you through Hayley's blog! Love your list and I love the pictures. It is so refreshing to know that other bloggie-mama's are not perfect :)

  8. This is me! Thank you so much for this. I've tried budgeting to a inch of my life and I still get thrown for loops. Consider me a new follower!

  9. Hi Keely.
    Love it! My kids pick up strange once-food items off the floor too!! I dont mop or clean the bathrooms every day either. And as for the budget... what budget?? As long as the bank balance stays over the right number then we are happy!
    There is a place for the pretty and perfect, not everyday though.
    I love reading what other people do to just make it through the day.
    You just made a new follower! Look forward to reading your posts

  10. Hurrah! I'm right here with you on every point. The only reason my floors "appear" clean is because I have 2 dogs. I should've named them Hoover and Kirby or Dyson...maybe Electrolux?

    The big challenge for me with the toddler is being more mindful that throwing the bite of food you don't want on the floor isn't ok - I call her on it when I see it, but I know the dogs are having a field day with her if I'm not watching!