Friday, July 05, 2013

At the Table

I'm falling in love with my kitchen again.
Springtime in Oklahoma was filled with deadly tornadoes, leaving most of us raw and emotional and out of sorts. I was no exception. Our business had some slow weeks, so money was extra tight. Cooking was at a minimum- PBJ's would have to suffice, kids. Although, we also ate out too much. How do we eat out more when we have less money? How is that possible?
Maybe it was Whole30, maybe it was time, certainly it was God's grace, but our family is working on areas where we have lacked discipline.
We're getting back to the table, where a lot of life plays out: Lego's and drawings and homework and Bible study and, oh yes, eating. And talking. And cups of coffee. And jokes. And stories.

Last night, as we ate another round of tacos, my husband told me that, with the exception of our two very favorite local restaurants, there isn't anything that he eats outside of the home that is better than what I make. That's some high flattery, but I ate it up. With a spoon. Then asked for seconds.
I hope he really feels that way. I hope my oldest means it when he says that my food is #1, everywhere else is #2. I hope my kids always remember family dinners as special and important, no matter what we ate. I hope they have more memories of my chicken nuggets than those from Chick-fil-A.

After reading Shauna Niequist's delectable memoir, Bread and Wine, I am more in love with my kitchen, my table, my cooking and my home, than ever before. If you read this book and fail to be motivated to throw open your door and welcome people into your home, your life, and your story, then I will be shocked. Space doesn't matter, what you serve doesn't matter. All that matters is that you do it. When we let go of perfection and allow people into our messes, that's when the magic happens. That's when memories are made.

I realize this cooking blog has been more narrative than usual as of late. Hopefully I'll have new recipes to share soon. Or maybe I'll just keep making the things I love the most for the people I love the most, and inviting new people in all the time.
Yes, maybe that.


  1. Knew you would love B&W! I'm dying for my kitchen to have running water so I can get back into the habit of throwing that door open. Would love to throw it open to you and yours soon!

    1. I would love that more than you know!