Friday, January 13, 2012

Chewy Chocolate Chip Granola Bars

Here's another recipe for you that has literally changed our lives. Ok, that's a bit dramatic, but no less true. I haven't had to buy granola bars in probably 3 months. My boys love these, and even my husband snacks on them. (The same could not be said about the store-bought variety.)
The greatest thing about these is how much you can control the flavors and sweetness. The texture is great- most of the other granola bars I made at home came out cakey, which made them much less transportable. These are great to grab and go.
chewy chocolate chip granola bars
Chewy Chocolate Chip Granola Bars
adapted from Back to the Cutting Board (check out the notes above the recipe, especially about adjusting the amount of brown sugar you use)

Notes from my kitchen:
* I start by making my own granola, a very simplified version of this recipe.

* The best batch I've made (pictured above), used a combination of raw (turbinado) sugar, and brown sugar.

*You can use rice krispies for your puffed cereal, but I found this at our health food store and we love it!


  1. Every time you post something on here, I think two things:

    1. I should make this!
    2. I have no time to cook right now. Does she deliver?


  2. just made these. am eating one right now. it does not crumble in my hands- success!

    next time i need to do a lower sugar granola than what i usually make. these things are sweet! my kids will be bouncing off the wall tomorrow at snack time. i'll try your granola recipe next go-round.

    which there will be, by the way. thanks for the first granola bar i've ever made that actually stays together.