Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Weekly Menu

Whole wheat linguine tossed with fresh spinach and roasted kale chips- I imagine it goes without saying that I'm the only person in this house who ate this.

Breakfast for dinner- bacon, egg, and cheese on ciabatta

Ranch Style Chicken with pasta and roasted carrots

Parmesan Chicken with rice and green beans

Pizzas- cheese and barbecue chicken


  1. When do you do your dinner cooking? A friend of mine once referred to that 5:00 hour as "suicide hour". That's when I'm waiting on Russ to get home (by 6/6:30) and it is 50/50 as to whether the kids will be playing contentedly or hanging on my legs to be held. So- said friend recommended I do my dinner prep at naptime, so as to avoid the "suicide hour" stress. Also to decrease any resentment toward Russ for not being in a home-by-5:00 job.
    Enough about me- when do you fix dinners? Do you freeze much ahead of time? You seem like a "cook it all fresh" kind of girl. Discuss.

  2. I think this deserves a blog post for an answer. Soon...