Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Weekly Menu

Fiesta Chicken and Rice with Romaine Salad and Creamy Dressing- this dish is very similar to Spanish Rice, but with chicken. It was a delicious one-pot wonder that I'll share soon!

Taquitos- we feasted on these while we watched College Football.

Creamy Ranch Chicken with egg noodles and green beans

Roast Turkey with mashed potatoes and green beans- I got so many different meals out of this turkey!

Nacho Spuds- this dish makes a regular appearance in our house. It's fast, easy, and tasty.

Homemade Pizza Margherita and Barbecue Turkey Pizza


  1. Yum!A few things there I will steal!

  2. Well, I came to your blog SO excited that I could read about food again! But I was wrong. I hadn't pre-tested the theory. We're not quite there yet. :(