Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Give Thanks for Giveaways!

With the major cooking and blogging slump I seem to be in, it seems like an opportune time for a giveaway!

I have a copy of Dinner: A Love Story for one of you! I own and love this cookbook, and I adore Jenny's blog of the same name.

All you have to do to enter the giveaway is answer this question in the comments: 

What is your favorite way to use up your Thanksgiving leftovers? 

Every year, I rip out intriguing recipes from my November magazines. Things like Turkey Empanadas and Turkey Pot Pies always tempt me, and yet I find myself reheating all my favorites on one big plate day after day, until they are gone. I only get these gems once a year, so I want to enjoy them while I can!

What about you?

Answer below before Friday, November 15th at midnight.
Good luck!


  1. i hope this means we'll hear more from you in coming days/weeks/months. it has been a long, silent season.

    leftovers: i just reheat them and eat them. i don't make them into anything fun at all. but they're so good the way they are- why bother?

  2. I almost like leftovers more than I like the real meal! We start getting them out about 8 pm and slowly everyone wanders into the kitchen to open containers and reheat them and stand around the kitchen eating our favorite parts!

  3. I was just looking up your roasted sausage & veggies recipe & happened upon this giveaway! Thanks! It sounds like a neat book. I'm with you regarding Thanksgiving leftovers...reheat them as-is. I made a turkey casserole one year & was thoroughly disappointed! Never again!

    1. This is Nancy, not unknown. :) You can email me at nancydharrellatgmaildotcom if I win - thanks!

  4. From Facebook:
    Elizabeth Scholes
    I've tried to comment twice and my iPad is not letting it go through. Here's my comment:
    Because I have never hosted Thanksgiving dinner (I guess I haven't reached full grown up status) and therefore do not have endless amount of leftovers to deal with, I cannot fully answer this. However when we were growing up the holiday meal would be about noon. We would spend the afternoon vetting and browsing through the JC Penny gift catalog and the mosey back on in the kitchen around dinner time to make turkey sandwiches on leftover dinner rolls with whatever else we could pile on. Those are precious memories to me.

  5. I've only hosted once, and that time we sent away most of the leftovers in plastic containers (that I bought for that purpose!). The rest of the leftovers were eaten in the next few days and I think I did make one batch of turkey noodle soup.

    Growing up, I can't remember us doing anything at all with leftovers, except warming them up for lunch and dinner the whole break. :)

  6. My mom always made Turkey Soup with the carcass. (Carcass sounds so pioneer-y) I loved it! It was the only way I would eat celery as a child. She made a rich broth from boiling the carcass, discarded the bones, added cooked white rice, onions, celery and all manner of yumminess. I loved it. Wish I had a bowl right now. Now that we are grown, we get together and don't always have a traditional Thanksgiving meal. When we do, though, I love a cold turkey sandwich the best of anything. Well, let me rephrase that---AFTER the dressing and gravy are all gone, I love a cold turkey sandwich.

  7. all right, i'll enter! i love just eating the leftovers the way they are. this year we'll be making the dinner on our own, so i'll probably make a soup & broth out of the turkey bones. kyle wants to make a turducken...i'm not as sure.

  8. My family has a tradition of making quesadillas with the leftover turkey. This is one of my favorite things about the holiday weekend. Then of course, you have reheated dressing and mashed potatoes for dinner. :)

  9. My aunt always makes a turkey macaroni & cheese casserole that I love. I of course would rather have her make it for me, but I'll make it myself if I have to.