Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mondays With Mom, a Blog Series

If (when?) I write a book, I predict it will involve food.

I don't have enough "original" recipes to constitute an entire cookbook, but I do have many memories that center around food and I am a lover of food memoirs.

So in an effort to dip my toe in the pool of the food writing world, I'm starting a blog series.

It's called "Mondays With Mom," and, as you might guess, it will feature a recipe each Monday that is a remake of a favorite childhood meal. My mom worked when I was growing up in the era of convenience foods, so many of the meals I remember do indeed need to be remade and re-imagined. This series will also serve as a bit of therapy for me, as I face the second anniversary of my mom's death next month.

So that's the plan.