Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Snack Lunch (with justification...not that it's necessary)

Here in Oklahoma, we've reached that glorious part of the summer where we simply must survive the triple digit days.  Cooking?  Like, with heat?  Please, let there be another way.  All my kids want to do (and all I have the motivation for) is play in the backyard pool.  Eating?  Overrated.  

Enter the "snack lunch."  Nothing earth-shattering, but certainly sanity-saving.  And I get bonus points because they think it's super cool.  

And here's how I justify serving glorified snacks and calling it a meal-
Homemade croutons and slices of cheese- a deconstructed grilled cheese.
Pretzels and peanut butter- the pretzels are Newman's Own High Protein Organic Pretzels.  They're good enough to buy in bulk off Amazon (which I did).  
Strawberries- they right any multitude of wrongs.
If all else fails, there's the Whole Foods Vitamin.  

Quick, easy, stress-free.  They can get back to the pool and I can get back to my magazine and iced coffee.  Win win.


  1. Perfect lunch for summer. Who wants to cook when it is one-billion degrees outside?!? Ick.

  2. I tell myself every day that I am not going to cook tonight and I come home from work and cook. I wonder if Dennis would like one of those snack lunches for dinner!