Friday, June 01, 2012

A Few Questions for YOU

What kinds of recipes are you looking for?

Is there a technique you want to try (bread making, baking, meal-planning, etc.) but are intimidated by?

Which recipes here do you gravitate towards?
Which ones have you tried?
Were they successful? Any that weren't successful?
Are they easy to follow?

What's something you buy pre-made but want to make at home?

Your feedback is much appreciated, friends!


  1. 1. I'm looking for recipes with FRESH ingredients (the more God made vs. man the better) and ones that are kid-friendly. I'm also loving easy lunch recipes for me (ie: salads, wraps, etc.)
    2. I'd love to explore canning more. That scares the heck out of me but with all our fresh produce in the garden it'd be dumb NOT to.
    3. We have tried the ranch chicken, pizza crust, spaghetti carbonara, taquitos. I can't remember all but they've been keepers.
    Recipes are easy to follow.
    4. Homemade poptarts? Is that possible? We hardly ever buy them because they're pricey and awful for you but my kids love them and it's nice to have them when we have to be at church early and need a on-the-go breakfast.

    1. PERFECT! Thank you for the feedback, Beth! What flavor of pop-tarts do your boys like? I have a recipe for the brown sugar cinnamon and have yet to make them. Perhaps I will soon!

    2. They like brown sugar and chocolate kinds. Thanks!

  2. Agree with Elizabeth: fresh ingredients, canning/making apple butter, and I'd LOVE a recipe for a good/easy-ish homemade poptart! :)

  3. Freezer-friendly meals! I love meals that are easy to double and save for later.

  4. These are great suggestions, ladies! Thank you!