Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Picky-Eater #1

When my eldest picky eater turned 3, he refused to eat anything green. He even turned down mint-chocolate chip ice cream, solely on principle.

For the past month or so, his eating habits have changed even more dramatically. Every day it seems like another food is on the "disgusting" list.

*Peanut butter. Out
*Cheese. Out
*Hot dogs. Out
*Cinnamon toast. Out

"Mom, this tastes like money."
"This tastes like suction cups." (what?)
"I can't eat this, it tastes like throw up."

It was getting bad, folks. So I did want any sane mother, on the verge of losing her sanity, would do- I resorted to good old fashioned bribery.
Since Friday, N and I have been working with the following deal- if he eats one bite of everything I make him, for one whole week, he can choose whatever he wants for dessert and I'll make it this weekend.

So how's it going? Beautifully. The boy has eaten the following previously "detested" foods:
*Chili- and he loved it so much, he requested it for breakfast the next day. I declined, but I'm making it later this week, when the cool front comes through.
*Eggs- which he tolerated, but did not enjoy.
*Lasagna- which he loved, and requested for breakfast today. I declined, and served him cold cereal.
And last night, in a moment that will be forever etched in my brain, the boy ate not one bite, but two bites of his green beans. By choice.
Proudest parenting moment ever.
Thank you, bribery.


  1. Love it! He is such a funny boy. And, you are very smart. Bargaining is a tool he will use all of his life. Better to learn it from someone he respects.

  2. you have no idea how good it makes me feel that someone else's child refuses things that KIDS ARE SUPPOSED TO LIKE! knox's diet currently consists of hot dogs, grilled cheese, and (thankfully) a small variety of fruits. i guess everything else tastes like suction cups? i'm going to try some more bribery, but he honestly doesn't go for it. he'd rather not eat than have to eat one green bean for an entire bag of m&ms. what's a mom to do? what's a mom to do?

  3. Ha, love it!!! Smart Mama. ;)

  4. Suction cups!?! Bahahaha!

    I read this post out loud to Jonathan, and after the mint chocolate chip line he said, "I respect that." Boys.

    And on a more serious note...good for you! I think your "bribe" is totally reasonable! You're not making him join the clean plate club, and the reward is something fun and not outrageous for you to follow through on. Sounds like an offer he can't refuse!

    (And for what it's worth, I've really enjoyed Ellyn Satter's books on kids and food, and my dietician friend who recently spoke to our MOPS group recommended her too! Might check it out at the library!)

  5. Ha ha! Who would deny themselves cinnamon toast?? :) I love how if he likes it, he usually requests it for breakfast :)

    I don't think we've met, Keely, but we both know a fine lady named Blayne :)