Friday, September 03, 2010

Project Food Blog

So, loyal readers, I once again have a task for you.
I am participating in a competition for food bloggers. I consider myself a highly-amateur food blogger at best, but I liked the idea of winning $10,000 and paying off some credit card debt.

There are 10 challenges over the course of the next 12 weeks and I'm already intimidated by the sound of some of them! But this first one should be pretty easy. All I have to do is write a post about my food blog. What sets it apart? What makes it special? Well, I say this should be pretty easy, but do I really know what makes this blog different?

I'm hoping that you will help me out with some feedback.
Why do you check my blog?
What do you like about it?
What types of recipes do you enjoy seeing here? (Are there any favorites that you've tried?)
How is this blog different than other food blogs you read?
Any other feedback you can give me would be so helpful.

If you would leave me a comment between now and next Friday, I'd really appreciate it. I'll write up my post after that and then judging begins on September 20th. I have to make it past the first round to continue on, and I'll let you know how to vote for me!
Thanks in advance for your help!


  1. Well I read this blog because I just plain like you and because I go through withdrawals from your old blog and this gives me a bit of a Keely fix. :)

    But really...I think your unique angle comes from the whole "feeding picky boys" piece. What is great is that you refuse to give in to the "Oh, my family only eats meat, potatoes, bread, and corn" bit. You persist in trying new, healthy things and celebrate the "kid approved" status when you get it!

    I really enjoy when you post your weekly menus. I think it is great for moms to see that cooking most of the weekly meals CAN be done, and that they don't all have to be fancy (which is what intimidates some folks from home cooking in my opinion). You tend to have a good mix of quick, simple meals and a few special meals thrown in there too.

    So there's my two-cents! Good luck!

  2. Interesting pictures, recipes with veggies that actually look/sound yummy, and, of course, cute pics of the kiddos and their delicious food. :)

  3. I love that you talk about how your kids react to the food and how much time it takes to make. Even college kids need quick, healthy, fun recipes!

  4. The first thing I thought of is that you are not a food snob. I don't read your blog and think that's too hard or too involved or too "out there" for my family. I think you pay close attention to the fact that most of us are on a budget and we can't blow it all on one meal for company just to impress them. (not that I have ever done that) I have been challenged to try a few things that were different for us just because you made it look so easy and so delicious. And, the bonus, pictures of the good lookin' men in your life!

  5. Why do you check my blog?

    You cook like I do. Simple recipes and trying to get veggies into your kids.

    What do you like about it?

    You have a good balance of food and family. I get a lot of recipe inspiration from certain blogs, cook books and cooking shows. You blog is one on my list.

    What types of recipes do you enjoy seeing here?

    Quick and simple family meals. Whole ingredients and vegetables included.

    How is this blog different than other food blogs you read?

    I don't know that it is necessarily different. But I like reading blogs where the writer isn't full of themselves. You know, constantly bragging about their perfect life and children and husband and food. Yours isn't that. It's real food and real family.

  6. Glad to help out!

    I love your blog and your recipes because it is real food! You are a busy mother with fussy kids and a million things to do. I can relate! I don't have the children, but I have a crazy full time job, a husband with a job, a business we run and we still have to eat!

    I love your meal plans because they are practical and achievable and alo yummy! I also love seeing a window into what children eat and how you manage it. (Good tips for the future!)

    I am a vegetarian and love the recipes that I can use or adapt for me.

    I also LOVE the no-bake recipes due to my crazy oven.