Friday, December 04, 2009

Just in time for the Holidays

When I was a Freshman in college, I started subscribing to two different magazines- In Style (basically because it was HUGE and wouldn't fit into my tiny mailbox and so they had to alert me of its arrival with one of the coveted Pink Package slips!) and Better Homes and Gardens.

I have long since moved on from In Style, but my Better Homes and Gardens subscription is still going strong. It is one of my favorite monthly delights. I get inspired by the homes I see, a clever idea, and almost always tear out a recipe or two from every issue.

Do you subscribe to BHG? If not, would you like to? If you already do, would you like to give someone the gift of a subscription of their own?

Enter my giveaway!
One lucky commenter will receive a year's subscription to Better Homes and Gardens sent to the address of their choosing. You have until Sunday night at 7 pm (central time) to answer this question:

What's a Christmas tradition from your childhood that you plan on keeping with your own family? or... What Christmas traditions are you starting?


  1. the tradition I plan on keeping is that every year, on the day after THanksgiving, my family would go to the local CHristmastree farm and cut down a real tree and decorate it. Mark and I did that this year, and we plan on doing that in our family every year. (-:


  2. We'll be making a gluten free gingerbread house every year. I never got to make them as a kid and I can't wait to start with Adia. We also make handprint ornaments every year.

  3. My family never made a nice Christmas dinner and I always wished we would have. My husband's family pulls out all the stops on Christmas. So I want to make sure we do that.

  4. We light candles in lanterns every night of Advent and say a short liturgy together. We also spread out the gift giving/opening over the twelve days of Christmas rather than one big hurrah where things get lost and ignored.

    Both of these things slow us down in a season where it is entirely too easy to rush around.

  5. Each Christmas Eve we were allowed to open one present, always new pajamas. And we always attended a Christmas Eve service.

  6. Each Christmas Eve we were allowed to open one present, always new pajamas. And we always attended a Christmas Eve service.

  7. The day after Christmas, my mom and I get up early and hit up the after Christmas sales. Amidst buying wrapping paper (cause Santa Claus print still covers gifts in July, people) and other discounted holiday accoutrements, we find a Christmas ornament for each of our family members. It may sound simple but it is not. You want to pick an ornament that reflects the family member as they are now and as they will be next year. That's right! We take the ornaments, put them in the attic, and give them out the next Christmas Eve. It is awesome. Each year, when we decorate our tree, we relive some great moments: Daniel embarrassedly puts up his Grover from 17 years ago, Sarah hangs up her rocking horse that she had a temper tantrum over 23 years ago, etc. Personally, I have a collection of Star Trek ornaments that I may or may not decorate in battle configurations from my favorite episodes. The ornaments are uniquely you, but more importantly, they are uniquely family, my family.

  8. My family started a tradition a few years ago where several of the ladies get together each holiday season to exchange homemade Christmas ornaments. It is always fun to come up with a creative and budget-friendly ways to make new ornaments (this year I used a yardstick), and even more fun to reminisce through the ornaments year after year. I know that some of these ornaments will have greater significance years down the road, and I cherish this.