Friday, July 17, 2009

Weekly Menu

I love it when other bloggers share what they've made for their families.
I'm a pretty regular menu planner, so here's what we had this week!

Ranch Style Chicken with salad, roasted asparagus and fried squash

Chicken with herb sauce, roasted potatoes, salad

Cheesesteak Sliders with tater tots (oops, actually, this was last week!)

Garlic and oil pasta with leftover chicken with herb sauce, tossed with toasted pine nuts and Parmesan cheese

Steak fajitas (from Joy of Cooking) with
Spanish rice and black beans

Trying to decide if we'll clean out the fridge of all these leftovers tonight, or have breakfast for dinner.
Decisions, decisions...


  1. Gotta love the breakfast for dinner plan. Personally, I'm a leftovers-are-for-lunch kind of guy.

  2. This all sounds delicious! I haven't been making dinner very much lately because this hot weather just zaps our appetites, but I need to pick it back up!